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Fall Family Wardrobe Guide | Marietta Atlanta Family Photographer

fall family wardrobe ideas - marietta atlanta family photographer

Fall Family Wardrobe Guide

Marietta Atlanta Family Photographer

It’s that time again where the preparations for Fall family sessions begin in hopes of sending out the perfect Christmas Card (…or just to update the family photos if you’re like me and the thought of actually planning out Christmas cards doesn’t start until much closer to December 25th). I have had several clients recently ask me what I recommend in regards to the family’s wardrobe options for these fun Fall sessions, so I figured I would make it easy for y’all and curate a list (with links! click on the button below) of some of my favorite colors and styles for this time of year.

As you know, I love neutrals. I also know that while most of you also love neutrals, Fall tends to lend a desire to add a pop of actual color to go along with the beiges, khaki’s, creams, whites, etc. Below you’ll find examples of some neutral combinations as well as some more brightly-colored pieces that will look great as an addition to the neutral palette.

Tips for wardrobe planning:

  • Solid colors photograph really well, but too many solids can be a bit boring. Try to start with a small pattern in either mom’s dress or one of the baby/kid’s outfits and build everyone else’s outfits with solids that match with the colors in the patterned piece(s).
  • Speaking of patterns, stick to smaller patterns (like a small floral print or a very small checkered plaid) and try to avoid bigger patterns or logos. Bigger patterns can be a bit busy which will distract from the subjects in the photographs. Bigger patterns can also make the subject appear larger than they really are.
  • Matchy-matchy is out, complimentary color schemes are in. Gone are the days where everyone wears a white shirt and denim bottoms. Look for complimentary colors (such as in the examples below and/or in the Pinterest board) and build each subject’s unique look.
  • Find an outfit that fits well and that flatters your body type. I have always loved the look of a tight pencil dress on stick thin models…but, I realize that God created me with hips to easily birth children and not to walk the runway in Paris. Therefore, for myself, I love the look of long, flowy maxi dresses or dresses with an A-Line waist. Flowy maxi dresses flatter about 99.99999% of my clients and are a beautiful way to elongate the look of your body without actually having to grow any inches. Flowy dresses are comfortable (huge plus), and they move really beautifully in images.
  • Layers are awesome. Layers can add texture and interest to your family’s wardrobe choices. They can also help tie in the color schemes for a more cohesive look. Be mindful, however, that bulkier sweaters or scarfs can make you appear larger than you may want. I love a thinner scarf, belt around the waist, hat or other hair accessories, etc.
  • Keep the location in mind when picking out clothing. If the session is in our field, stiletto heels may not be the best choice of footwear, etc.
  • Make sure your clothing choice matches the look that you desire for your pictures (ie. if mom is in a ball gown, but everyone else is in jeans, that will look a little off). If y’all are more casual people, you could start with finding flattering jeans and a cute top for mom and then choose more casual looking play dresses for the girls or jeans and henley t-shirts for the boys. Conversely, if you are more formal people or desire a more formal-looking portrait, make sure everyone in the family’s outfit matches that formality.
  • DO try to hire a professional hair/makeup artist to help you get ready if time and/or your budget allows. Professional hair and makeup really does make a HUGE difference (which is why it’s complimentary with all of our maternity and newborn sessions). I can give you the contact information for several girls that I use that I LOVE to work with if you’d like!
KBG Photography fall session wardrobe ideas - atlanta family photographer
Adding a light scarf will add dimension to this neutral color pallet. I also love any dress that little girls can twirl in (they all love to show off their twirling skills and it makes for really pretty images, win-win!).
KBG Photography fall family session wardrobe ideas
Adding a pop of color will compliment these neutral tones and give the images a beautiful look.
There are some really pretty gray colored outfits out on the market now. I love the mixture of the light and dark grays as well.
I love the look of these neutral tones together. The mixture of lights and darks in the same color family will add beautiful depth to the photographs.
Add a belt to the waist of these dresses for a put-together look!
I love these options for a blue/green color scheme!

Happy Portrait Planning!

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Serving the Atlanta, Georgia area, including Marietta, Buckhead, Midtown, Vinings, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta.





Serving the Atlanta, Georgia area, including Marietta, Buckhead, Midtown, Vinings, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta.