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What to Wear for Outdoor Winter Family Sessions | Marietta Family Photographer

mom and dad posing at Garrard Landing Park in Alpharetta, Georgia

Marietta Family Photographer

What to Wear for Outdoor Winter Family Sessions

girl and boy siblings posing for the camera outside in a field in Marietta, Georgia

There’s a reason why winter is a slow time for family sessions: it’s cold, the foliage has gone dormant, it rains a lot (at least down here in the South it’s rain and not snow), and most families recently had their portraits taken only a few months prior when the weather here is arguably the best it is all year (yay Fall!). However, a winter family session can be absolutely beautiful and a can bring a welcome change of scenery to the other photographs of your family that probably include a similar backdrop of fall leaves and/or with very green grass (again, down here in the South, our grass typically stays GREEN until mid-December). I hope with this article, I can talk you into trying something new and updating your family’s photographs with a totally different look this year (or next!).

family of five walking in a field in Marietta, Georgia - marietta family photography

As you can see by the sleeveless/short-sleeved options in these two images, we can really luck out with warm evenings in Georgia winters! However, it actually DOES get cold sometimes here, so keep scrolling for some REALLY cold weather choices 🙂

family of six posing in a field in Marietta, Georgia - marietta family photographer

Why Winter Sessions are Beautiful:

  1. It’s not sweltering HOT or HUMID…okay, it may be cold, but it’s not New England cold (for the most part), so we should all be thankful that outdoor sessions can even be an option! In the winter, you mamas don’t have to worry about sweat in those places we shall not mention, dads don’t have to worry about sweating through the long sleeve button up that mamas made them wear (and I don’t have to photoshop out all of that sweat HA), and based on my kids’ clothing choices in the winter (ie. shorts every day no matter the temperature outside), I believe that kids don’t actually feel the cold unless it’s below 30 degrees…AKA, everyone’s happy!
  2. The scenery. To the naked eye, everything just looks dead. But, to a photographer’s eye, we see gorgeous texture in the grasses, golden details that add subtle character and blends well with the subjects versus bright green grass that can distract from the subjects, and snow…okay, that last one isn’t realistic here in Georgia, but until I live somewhere where a snow session is actually a realistic opportunity, a girl can dream!
  3. Golden Hour is well before bedtime = less chance for cranky, tired kiddos. You may be like, “What is this Golden Hour you speak of?”. Golden Hour is that 1-2 hour chunk of time right before sunset where the sun is at a low angle in the sky, puts off that warm, orangey-golden light, and just makes the image look gorgeous and feel as cozy as your favorite pair of sweatpants. In the winter months, Golden Hour is typically anywhere from 3 to 6pm depending on the month (Golden Hour gets progressively later starting in late December as the days start getting longer). In the Summer or early Fall, Golden Hour can start as late as 8:30pm!
family of five posing in a field in Marietta, Georgia - Marietta Family Photographer
collage of different families in Marietta, Georgia - Atlanta family photographer

Have I won you over on the Winter family session yet??

While I definitely don’t have “influencer-worthy” status, I’ve gathered up some examples that can help make planning your winter outdoor session a little easier (and I’ve even included the links for you, so if you see what you like, just click and add to cart). Now I know what you’re probably thinking…and no, unfortunately, I don’t get paid when/if you purchase through my links (told you, I’m no IG influencer!), but I do like making wardrobe choices easy for my clients, so I decided to do some of the work for you 🙂

Wardrobe consultations are included in our session fee, so please feel free to take advantage of this service. Picking out a cute, flattering outfit for yourself is hard enough… add in a husband/wife and several little people, and it can be an overwhelming task!

kbgphotography clothing guide for winter family sessions

If you see something that you love, each item in the image above is linked here:

Velvet wrap dress (I love love love velvet for winter. It gives off a beautiful shine in all the right places, and the wrap style is flattering for ALL body types!).

Ivory little boy sweater

Little boy chino pants

Neutral baby overalls (pair this basic staple with a cream, white, or light gray long-sleeved sweater or t-shirt)

Little girl rose-colored dress (pair with Ivory tights or knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes for a complete look)

Ivory sweater for dad (pair with caramel chinos or dress pants or dark jeans)

kbgphotography clothing guide for winter family sessions

If you see something that you love, each item in the image above is linked here:

Men’s Ivory Quarter Zip Pullover

Men’s Caramel Pant

Women’s floral dress

Little girls’ ivory quilt dress

Little girls’ ivory sweater dress

Little girls’ lace embroidered dress

Little boys’ black and gray button down top

Little boys’ khaki pants

Add Layers!

KBG Photography suggested add on accessories for winter wardrobe

Layers are going to be your best friend for an outdoor winter session. Layers add texture, warmth (obviously), and interesting elements to your photograph. I love to add fur vests on top of dresses, scarves (but make sure they don’t add too much bulk), jackets, knee-high socks, hats, etc.

Below are the links to the above accessories I found to add interesting, but not overwhelming, layers to your wardrobe:

Fine knit scarf

Fringed Striped Scarf

Women’s utility jacket

Child’s plush vest

Quilted plush vest

Girls’ cloth cape

Girls’ Neutral tights

Girls’ knee-high socks

Men’s quilted vest

If you’re ready to book your family’s winter session, let’s chat! After all, it’s almost February, which means it’ll be back to that humid, summer-weather here in Georgia in about four more weeks 🙂

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Serving the Atlanta, Georgia area, including Marietta, Buckhead, Midtown, Vinings, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta.





Serving the Atlanta, Georgia area, including Marietta, Buckhead, Midtown, Vinings, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta.